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Helen Alekseyeva,
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Thanks for photos, everyone liked the idea, “Varenka” was the best.

Can we make the same story?
We have received your design for the game, an interesting solution, thank you! We need to discuss the New Year's design.
Everything is good!

Now we need to launch target ads on new promotion. Can we do it today?
Social Media
We develop social media strategies connecting your brand with the target audience on Instagram and Facebook
We create totally selling motion and visuals for social media
We customize targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook

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Our favourite clients

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We create tailored holistic strategies that build brand awareness and credibility:

Case Studies

Maria Who
About competent disclosure of personality, which brought sales in the first month of work

Antalya 28
Proper promotion of the real estate agency in Instagram and YouTube and orders for hundreds of thousands of dollars

A story about renaissance filming and a bold visual concept

Connect Turkiye
Marketing and sales in Turkey

Russian Style
A unique company with over 20 years of experience

The case, which brought the client leads for 29 rubles after a month of work with GAGARIN


Branding examples

Gagarin team
Helen Alekseyeva

8+ years in the profession

Thinks that the great way is easy. Makes coffee in a cezve, lives in Turkey.
Graphic designer

20+ years in the profession

Thinks that the world is a funk party, takes vitamins, avoids TikTok
Varya Serikova

5+ years in the profession

Thinks if you want something you can fly into space. Loves crossing out completed tasks in the diary
Kirill Maslov

2+ years in the profession

Thinks that the best thing in the world is champagne with pineapple during meditation
Yana Sapova
Media strategist

2+ years in the profession

Believes that super stress resistance helps to conquer mountains
Ekaterina Ivleva
Media strategist

3+ years in the profession

Believes that it is best to combine 1000 and 1 businesses efficiently, doesn’t forget about daily facebuilding
Anastasia Stukolova

She thinks she's on a great team. And she wasn't wrong ;)
Nastya Pravilova
Content strategist

10+ years in the profession

Believes that the first was the word, and the second was literacy

Learning from the greats

A selection of events and courses that we have successfully completed:
Tallinn Digital Week 2021
Internet marketing and blogging conference.
Petersburg SMM Conference
There were a few days, we learned a lot, we will go next year for sure!
Maxim Ilyakhov.
Strong copy on social media
Курс от автора «Пиши, сокращай»
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Digital marketing for your business from Gagarin

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